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Spotted today at Avenue A and 9th in forties retro Lilith-wear with a very good hair look - Andrea Bouze-wah, who had just breezed into town. I was rushing to my interview with a technosexual pioneer so I couldn't linger. She did seem very grounded, claims to have read the entire boards but is still yet to post.

She's heeeere!
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what gorgeous stories! I don�t get to take many taxi rides here in Barcelona but I do have a few juicy ones about young spanish skateboarders!! my bedroom window is right next to the street to the park where they skate... young, straight and very horny! I just hang my head out (wig, touch of make-up, boy clothes - a trick I learned from Miss Guy!) they always ask �how much?� I reply, �for you, free!!� maybe they can�t take me to work on the back of the board but it is an exciting trip!
My sister sherry in the house! Hon, I love the post but it's supposed to go in "Sex with Taxi Drivers" I guess you couldn't find it.

Also don't forget to go to the next page (top right corner). Some topics have more than one page. It took me a few months to figure that one out! (Good thing I'm not a moderator or anything... Oh yeah, I am.) You'll get the hang of it. If Clark can do it anyone can. Now if we can just nudge Joey into the 21st century!
His name really IS Robert Green. I couldn't have that so I named him "Flowrider". We discovered Flowrider working in the sewer and promptly hired him to go go at Jackie 60. The theme was "Boys On Boards" The rest is history!

That show is a repeat. He went on to win again and went to the finals but then lost to an asshole. Flowrider turned alot of heads in Hollywood by those performances. I hope it's his lucky break.

Robert Flowrider is the greatest man alive!
we all love that flow and he is on his way to LA for 6 weeks to look for some work. break a leg doll.

as for legends,
i run into TONY BROWN often and invite him to johnny's b-day, chi chi's, randella's, my monthly birthday party, buy me something!
and again this morning i filled him in on DADDY and what is going on within the motherboards.
he said he may stop by the cock to see you tonight daddy. should we get a fresh bottle of sousa and some limes?
he was a dude with long hair-and in some band i believe he tried out once to bartend?-or he asked for a job -he used to bartend at a dude club-i think he was friends with todd or someone from long black veil-whats your interest?
btw-hes not a legend!
btw-stands for "by the way" not "big titted woman"-its the name of my new dude nite!
Actually Goblin-i was just being clever -my new "DUDE" nite "BTW" really stands for-
BTW By The Way
BTW Back To Work (shorthand used in email)
BTW Balls to the Wall
BTW Bearing to Waypoint
BTW Belasting op Toegevoegde Waarde (Dutch: Tax On Added Value)
BTW Between
BTW Between The Words
BTW Boat Wave
BTW Born to Win
BTW Brothers of the Third Wheel (trikers organization)
its at an undisclosed venue-which would you pick -i think i know!!!!!!
miss you kitty
PS -don't you hate abbreviations-what does PS stand for-PISSED STRIPPER!!!
Dancing the night away on Friday at Kitsch-Inn, cigarette in one hand, cocktail in another, and who appears at my side in bio-hazard jumpsuit (slurring her words, swaying and swerving on the dancefloor) but a redheaded Andrea Booze-wah (just what is the correct spelling of her name anyway?). A drunken dirty dance ensued for a song or too, but then I sensed that something more was desired (the dance was fun, but only that). Sorry, but she doesn't fit the bill for me (they have to be a borough or NJ boy with issues, particularly catholic guilt over craving the special girls)...

However, it was good to see Andrea and that she is still the party girl...
I got a chance to go to the Lure and caught flowryder's show. I never was into necrophilia but now i wonder. His show with that little boy was strangely arousing. Kinda creepy. But who is that little boy he drags around. Would love to meet them both. 1 hung top, 1 tight bottom, add a "special" lady and perfection is achieved.
A trannie will top off the show.

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