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Jackie Legend and world traveller Bob Gruen in Havana.

Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 19:40:10 EDT
Subject: Exhibition at Fototeca De Cuba - Havana, Cuba

An exhibition of photographs titled 'La Revolucion Del Rock & Roll' will be
shown at the Fototeca De Cuba in Havana from May 22 until June 22, 2002.
Curated by Chris Murray of Govinda Gallery, Washington DC. the show has more than 40 photos by 28 photographers. Included are photos of Mississippi John Hurt and Muddy Waters, Jimmy (sp) Hendrix, Bob Marley, the Rolling Stones, John Lennon, the Clash and the Ramones to name just a few.

New York photographer Bob Gruen will give a slide talk on Rock & Roll photography at the gallery in Havanna on May 24th.
So amazing - I was just looking at that picture of us on New Year's eve that was in New York mag - maybe a week ago, and then you come on and post!

Really glad for the update on your whereabouts via your profile..For those who don't realize it, this is Jean - legendary Jackie coatcheck, erstwhile performer and doorperson at MOTHER.

Please update us on Dallas scene in Elsewhere when you get the chance, and sending lots of love-

Chi Chi
that a picture sighting is always welcome. Legendary cartoonist, Motherboards aficianado and Verbal Abuse 4 (Food fetish) featured artist Ned Sonntag sent this in from the wilds of Massachusetts..

His note read

Here's a pic of me drawing on a fangirl who came all the way up from Cherry Hill NJ to visit me. xoxoxo NED

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The best, and luckiest Jackie Legend sighting today right on my corner. Mike, the famous Meat Market gnome! He was greeted all the way across town from the old Meat Market by the deli guys with the familiar "Hey, Shorty!"

Stunned (that they knew of his greatness even here) I asked - "are you working over here now?"

"No," he chirped in that familiar, beloved voice
"We're all over in Paramus now."

Naturellement he asked about you Hatches, his great love for all these years. I told him to come look for us on East 1st Street one of these Wednesdays...
I think it's been discussed somewhere else, but Jackie Costume Eminence Kitty Boots is the wizardess of wardrobe for the new Bravo "Gay Eye for the Straight Guy" makeover show. Even though we never see her anymore because of it, we are proud and thrilled that she's now a big-bitch costumer.

Rule on, Ms. Boots!
Kitty -- that is so major. Good for you and congrats! I have to admit that I actually auditioned for a spot on the show. Having watched the show a few times now, I see that the producers made the right choice in not casting me...just would not have fit! It has been, however, interesting to see who they DID go with, as there were a handful of guys in my group who way outshined a couple who made it. One, in particular, was as daft and funny as the fashion expert we have now, but was a bit overweight and wore glasses. BIG no-no's for hit TV. Nevertheless, I can't help but watch. Kudos, again!
I haven't scanned through the photo gallery of this forum, so I haven't gotten to put a face with a name. Maybe I should. But I got the chance to wrestle a copy of the latest Vanity Fair from my secretary, and I did catch the 9th Ave. shot of the nightlife elite.
Not being too much of the club type, I found it interesting how different the styles of each club sect personnel looked. If you have the chance, take a gander at it. This Erich Conrad cat looks like he's the type to justify his driving in the multi-passenger lane because he has a body in the trunk.
But I have to say, Daddy and Chi Chi certainly look the part. Not a bad looking couple, either. That's the first time I saw Daddy, and the second time seeing Chi Chi. Unfortunately the Empress was being tossed in the lime pit by the Messy one the first time. Why I thought she would have black hair is beyond me. But daddy you have a cute blonde, I'll tell ya. And I bet she could take Amy Sacco's lunch money anyday.

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