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Osborne formerly bragged she'd spent three hundred thousand on wonderdoctors, not three million. I suppose her estimate of her own value has gone up. Being in the little puppet show sure is a great ticket to selfdelusionland. Woof woof!

Daddy, I thought M. B. Raitt was Jesus. But I'm happy to play the part, at least for S'tan. Maybe Madonna can be Donald Trump and Osborne can play Howard Cosell, while Ankou steps in as Charleton Heston and all the housewives of Michigan stop by S'tan's for some rattlesnake.

Or am I getting my hero worship confused with knowing something?

Although I don't know what a soul is, let alone a wretched one, and there certainly are many more ways than one to 'BUY' something, I do know that a person is never more in something than when they are out.
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Since I have not heard the entire album, I cannot vouch that it is all endless and upbeat dance music (which I could use right about now, given,,,uh, well, everything), but I have been having fun with "Hung Up." Kylie is wonderful, I love her, but when "Fever" came out my first reaction was, thank the gods, some old school Madonna sound, mixed with old school disco, so I guess madge is backtracking, whatever. It's odd that she inspires so much vitriol as well as interest, hell, I would never waste so much typing on Britney since I rather dislike her, so why bother. Anyway, I see Kate Bush's Aeriel has gotten raves in the UK, can't wait and am thinking of picking up the new Fiona Apple as well.
Instead of wasting your time on Madonna, you should hear Cyndi Lauper's new cd 'The Body Acoustic' It's a great acoustic cd that she sings along with a few guest stars, Ani Difranco, Sarah Mclaclan, Shaggy and Vivien Green. (some others help out too) It's a great cd for CYndi to showcase her voice. Why waste your time with a cd that is so heavily promoted and mass marketed such as Madonnas new cd. If Madonna's new cd is so great why is the record company spending 5 million to heavily promoted it. I always thought music should be word of mouth or played on the radio for new promotion, I hate seeing all these ads for new cds.
Cyndi is also touring with Sandra Bernhard in Nov and December. It's going to be a great tour, they colaborate on a few duets also. Forget Madonna, find the real talent!
Whoa, thanks Kelly. Cyndi is a big talent that's for sure. And Vivian Green!!!! That sounds great, I love her voice.

Even though Esther is way more fun to bitch about...
Ok, I'll tell you some poop about Cyndi.
Before she became famous she was my downstairs neighbor in this loft on West 30th Street (Actually, in the same building that "DOWNTIME" is in. In other words, the same building that you can find seven stumbling around most Saturday nights!)
Anyway, she had this band called "Blue Angel". It was this sort of "New Jersey Hair Band" as I remember them.
We we're like, "ENOUGH ALREADY! If you don't know the F***ing songs by now you NEVER will.
I hated them.
Of course they (and especially Cyndi) were very talented and eventually got signed. That's why I really hated them. The band I was in was God awful.
But eventually even I got signed to Atlantic and had to take singing lessons. (Because I was still was God awful. The only person who thought I could sing was Hattie Hathaway. And SHE was in a band called "3 TEENS KILL 4" so what does THAT say?)
Anyway, Of course the star student and pride and joy of my singing teacher was none other than Cyndi! It was "Cyndi this and Cyndi that and the beautiful clarity of Cyndi's notes and Cyndi's incredible range. (Mine wasn't even one octave).
I hated her.
So a couple of years later, my singing career over, I decided to get a brand new "hair-do" by the fiercest hairdresser this side of Bobby Miller... Danilo. He said, "Come in Daddy, I want to put these red and blue streaks in your hair". I was so excited. Then I walked in and THERE WAS CYNDI!!! Looking in the mirror and saying "Danilo, I lOVE these red and blue streaks you put in my hair. Thanks Hon".
I hated her.
OK, there you have it.
The EVIL Cyndi Lauper.
See, it's not just Esther.



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Hey Daddy, I don't stumble around Downtime. I just bump into things. Mostly just the gorgeous things, but, uh, it is kinda dark in there. Messy Bonnie Raitt always straightens me out regarding my taste for bumpees though.

That photo of Cyndi shows her early physical talent that was never fully realized later on in her world wrestling federation days. But what I really want to know is, who would win in a fight between Cyndi and Tama Janowitz?
You're killing me.
Now that was a hot club!
I have a couple of "Dancefloor Confessions" of my own now that I remember Moonshadow.
Didn't it used to open at like 11AM?
(Or was that just when I got there?)
Who knows.

Anyway, I like the album.
I'm playing it.
The Chus & Ceballos re-mix of "Hung Up" is muy caliente.
no surprise that i love it, too, but what is so amazing to me is *how much* of it i like. there's not another madonna album that's solid as this straight thru (excepting 'isaac' on this one, which is awful). the other 11 songs are so so good. not even her first album or ray of light matches it, imo. looks like others agree:

Madonna's new album rules pop charts
Wed Nov 23, 2005 3:52 PM ET

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Venerable pop icon Madonna danced to the top of the U.S. pop album charts for the sixth time in her career on Wednesday with her third consecutive No. 1 release, "Confessions on a Dance Floor."

Her Warner Bros. disc sold nearly 350,000 copies in the week ended November 20, according to Nielsen SoundScan, and ranks as her third-largest sales week in the tracking firm's 14-year history.

The album and its single "Hung Up" also are No. 1 on the respective British charts. The single is in the top-10 of the U.S. charts.

First-week U.S. sales for "Confessions" fell far short of those for Madonna's 2000 album "Music," which opened at No. 1 with 420,000 copies, but handily eclipsed those of her most recent previous release, "American Life," which started off with 241,000 copies in 2003 and quickly fizzled.
p.s. Daddy, WORSHIP your cyndi dish. she was my main girl way back when. as a sixth grader i wanted to be her for halloween and had my bedroom walls all plastered with cut outs of her from 16 Magazine and Tiger Beat. It was such a thrill one day that year to discover a blue angel album in the discount bin of my local record shop-- it was such a rarity and i had looked far and wide for so long, obsessed; it's got some great music on it, which you must have heard a gazillion times in rehearsal ('i had a love' is one of my all-time favorite cyndi songs). any other bits to share? though she deserves her own topic, it's only right that some of ma-doo-doo's space be taken up by cyndi. if there had been no madge replacing the popularity of sheer talent with some talent, sex, and marketing, i think cyndi's star would have shined a little brighter and bigger.

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