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Well here it is my take on the 54 and I quote Blonde Buddy� a great blend of everything New York��.. NOT !!! It was 1:00 AM when I arrived, the door men were very nice and cute, they let me right in and comped me when I mentioned Blondebuddy and I didn�t have to stand in the line of 6 waiting to get in. If I had to pay u wouldn�t be reading this right now because I would have thrown myself in front of a train
The place was pretty crowded and I was not impressed with the interior design, which I found boring and put together without much thought. The music, well everyone was having a good time on the dance floor, but I thought there was too much Rap going on here.
The crowd, well if this isn�t B & T then I don�t like heels and makeup, I didn�t see anyone who even resembles anyone who might of lived or hung out below 14th St. As far as gay clientele they must have been hidden in a closet and I was the only tranny gurl there. As far as a mix of models is concerned, I didn�t see any nor did I see any decent wanna be�s. However if there were any models there they must have not graduated from Barbizon as of yet, therefore still unidentifiable. I didn�t feel uncomfortable though, however I was getting a lot of strange looks from the women which I thought was rather strange, usually it�s the homophobic guys, but this was not the case.
Motherluvers will be bored sick with this place, I won�t be going back, Blonde Buddy should of read Bobby Millers book and hired him as a consultant, changed the name and found a decent promoter, then he might have had something.
To Blonde buddy here is my advice, first Thank you for the comp, keep on catering to the crowd I saw their u will do well. However, this club does not resemble the Studio 54 I knew except for the street name. You should change the name and leave Studio 54 to rest in peace. There was only one Studio 54 and that�s all their will ever be, everything else is just a cheap imitation.
Last year Johanna Constantine and I were hired to gogo dance there on a Saturday night, the staff was verry nice and the patrons were ok, mostly tourist's and all straight, people were asking me if I was from the "SHOW" Cabaret.Now I don't know if it was the same promoter or dj, but the music was EVERY SONG EVER! you name it, they played it.
We were paid on time, and asked to come back next week.A few days later we recieved a call saying that we would NOT be back next week, thank you and goodbye.
We had fun togeather, but ONLY if you PAY me.
You are a brave soul! I give you alot of credit. I never made it. I put on my new Raymond Dragon stomach hugging shirt (that I had recently stole out of a locker at David Barton Gym) and started out the door. As soon as I walked out of my building this group of NYU students stopped dead in their tracks, pointed at my middle and fell on the sidewalk laughing. I was so mortified that I ran back upstairs. Kids can be so cruel.

Actually, I went to La Esquelita last night and had a blast.
Hey, I got your spam.

It wasn't Suzanne Somers on the horse silly! They told you on the Motherboards that it was Bianca Jagger. You have poor listening skills.

Listen, there is absolutely nothing wrong with promoting to a more mainstream crowd. There are more of them, they tend to pay, that's what it's all about. But, when you paint your party as something that it isn't, you just get a lot of people mistrusting you. It's like crying wolf. You don't have a gay following. Nor do you have an "alternative" following. You would need a massive gay/alterative list and a reputation to pull that crowd in. If you pretend your party has that crowd when promoting you're only creating a group of people who will never trust you again. If you want some wild looking people at your party, pay a few to dance, mingle, perform, etc. That's what GBH does with me. My friends don't flock to that party. It's just not their scene. But GBH hires me, I add color, and I make the place look a little more fun and ecclectic to the crowd that does attend. Many of them THINK I just like to hang out there, which makes them think the place is really cool. That's the way it goes.

As for Spa, well they do have that sort of crowd. If you want to invite a freakier crowd, invite them to that party. If you invite them to '54 first, you will have "cried wolf" and they won't show at SPA.

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Hi everyone,
Bob's the name, promotin's my game.
I'm starting a new Sat. party. If you went to the Studio 54 party and didn't like it stop by my party. Of course I don't have a space yet but I've been talking to the people @ TRUE and they seem real interested. Or maybe some of you know another place I could have my function. The bar guarantee is no prob 'cause I know it will be packed.
If anyone is going to hear Junior this weekend you should say that you are on my Platinum List. (Normally it is $40 to get in). Just walk up to the doorman and say that you are on Blonde Doody Bob's Platinum List. It's still $40 to get in but the people you are with will be impressed that you are on a list and I make a dollar on every person who says they are on my list so it's great for everyone.
Blonde Doody Bob keepin' it real.
Wow. Sheril's post made me sad, but it was true for that night. Studio hosted a VIBE Magazine party on 2/17 and the scene was like she described. All I can say is -- you're welcome, sorry you didn't have a great time, and it really is *not* typically like that.

However, the Blonde Doody Bob thing definitely cracked me up! $40 tickets, where do I sign? smile

Oh, if anyone would like to take a look at pictures or more detailed descriptions of any of the Premier List parties -- Spa Thursday, Centro Fly Friday, Studio 54 Saturday, Spirit of Ibiza Sundays -- go to
Thanks, Johnny

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