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Ring in the new year with fist-pumping Rock N Roll, Punk anthems, and glittery Glam Rock along with live performances and a cavalcade of stars

The Droogettes "An all-girl Clockwork Orange themed Oi! band" 1am

Sewage "Swathes of The Damned and Culture Shock" - Culturie 12am

The Cuts "Loud, fast, and fun" 11pm

The Rats "Shakes your hips like a jukebox full of Ramones" - San Francisco Chronicle 10pm

Ted's Dead "Ted's dead baby, Ted's dead" 9pm

Hosted by nightlife icon Astro Erle

DJ Sets by Twig the Wonderkid and James David

Pabst Blue Ribbon open bar 8pm to 9pm and complimentary champagne toast at Midnight


Ten-dollar admission

Thursday December 31st @ 8pm 21+id

The Grand Victory 245 Grand and Roebling St Brooklyn NY

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