Hey Jonah more greetings from the uk. I know you have had many requests already but I would appreciate a few pics, I prefer how you look nowadays anyway. Cute ;-)

Other Jonah-types welcome too

Hey Jonah!
Greetings from the Europe (see, your globaly popular). I know you have these kind of requests all the time, but I'd really appreciate some of your pics (possibly nude). I honestly don't know why you're not in the media more often; you're cute, good looking and well equipped. You could earn tons of money... Please send to video.jokes@gmail.com

Finally I can tell people where to go to see your big dick!
They torture me every day.

God, you'd think nobody ever saw a 13 inch cock before. I would tell them, "It looks just like yours only ten times bigger".
What's the big deal?
You've got to take control of your life!
YOU get a gig!
YOU put yourself up!
YOU pay your own way!

Stop thinking someone else is going to do everything for you.
You are a smart, good-looking, nice guy.
You are a good writer.
You are good at lots of things.

I don't care about your big dick.
I like you.
There is a lot more to you than that big thing of yours!

Daddy has spoken.
Now that you mentioned it, I don't think I own anything spandex!! You know Clark (Render) had an amazing collection of spandex pants! As he was the host of Blacklips, he always wore a different color everytime on stage...I never asked him how he acquired all those colors, Lulu said that he just found stacks of them at a thrift store somewhere...so Clark, if you're out there..."How did you get all those spandex "jeans"? I know that this is the Johnah Falcon forum, but I understand the conversation just leads to spandex for some reason.
Hi, Jonah, can you please please please send naked pictures to my email address? But not the ones you can already find on the internet. You are so massive you jsut have to look twice to see its real. please send the nude pics to doug_ryan@hotmail.com
thanks jonah!

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