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Hey Jonah!
Greetings from the Europe (see, your globaly popular). I know you have these kind of requests all the time, but I'd really appreciate some of your pics (possibly nude). I honestly don't know why you're not in the media more often; you're cute, good looking and well equipped. You could earn tons of money... Please send to

You've got to take control of your life!
YOU get a gig!
YOU put yourself up!
YOU pay your own way!

Stop thinking someone else is going to do everything for you.
You are a smart, good-looking, nice guy.
You are a good writer.
You are good at lots of things.

I don't care about your big dick.
I like you.
There is a lot more to you than that big thing of yours!

Daddy has spoken.
Now that you mentioned it, I don't think I own anything spandex!! You know Clark (Render) had an amazing collection of spandex pants! As he was the host of Blacklips, he always wore a different color everytime on stage...I never asked him how he acquired all those colors, Lulu said that he just found stacks of them at a thrift store Clark, if you're out there..."How did you get all those spandex "jeans"? I know that this is the Johnah Falcon forum, but I understand the conversation just leads to spandex for some reason.

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