Why thank you Jonah. Glad to know I still have what it takes...Dearest Empress, I didn't even realize your reply till today! (9 days after the fact!) Spandex and Westwood!...Now there's an idea... It was great seeing you that night. I am forever greatful..and I had a blast. I actually met/spoke to Seven that night, I think he's quite brilliant. A great man with great words, he was actually quite inspiring...made me want to read books again.
Hey Jonah, I usually don't ask men for nudes but I can't help my curiosity. Could you send me a couple nudes flaccid and erect if possible to...



How's the job hunt coming? I've got a couple more years till I finish my degree in film production, maybe we can work together sometime?? Not porn or anything, I'm talking genuine film projects here. I'll keep you in mind when I get to start working with budgets
Hey Jonah,

I don't know if you still read this, and I feel strange asking, but could you send some pics my way? I'd really like to see them. Also, I was wondering if you'd like to talk. It'd be nice to make a new acquaintance. =P


Hey Jonah!

first of all, I'm a HUGE fan!!
second, how's the job search going? (I know this is like 4 years later, haha..)

I know this is really late, but if you're still sending nudes, I'd really like to see what you're so famous for Wink
Hey Jonah..I've seen pics of you for years on google, but mostly g-rated. I'm sure you get annoyed with people asking for penis pics of you. But my curiosity is driving me nuts. Could you send me some pics to my email address? Now I'm being annoying. LOL Greatly appreciate it. Thanks, champagne30@msn.com
im jus lookin around at everything you wrote lol(little absetion jus kidding) and how can u not find a girl to have sex with you with wat god has given u lol nd i would like 2 take a peak at wat god has given you if you don mind brooks_jacob@yahoo.com(brothers email but dnt mind it )
i havnt done my studies lol nd i feel like a loser so im probly goin 2 do them later but let me find out jonah goes both wayz Wink lol but anywayz would it be ok if you sent me some nude pics to brooks_jacob@yahoo.com(its my brothers yahoo lol but he wont mind)
so u do basicly everything????? it seems like u have alot of usefull skills but for some reason still cant get a job??? maybe its the location but keep your head up nd keep tryin sexi =) lol nd u should add me(well my brother but im alwayz on it) brooks_jacob@yahoo.com
Mr. Falcon, Congrats on being signed to the Yankees! I know you have had a tough few years I hope this turns out ok for you. Yes I am a fan, not only because I like big ones mostly I appreciate your honesty about it and how unashamed you are.We are a nation of weak and unstable men Jonah, may we all learn from your example. Hey, I have never seen any photos of your dong, are there any good ones out there and what are the links?
Hit me back at wankstoklausnomi@gmail.com

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