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Enchanted Ones-


Friday night's show was a visual and aural delight, and we will begin reviewing documentation for our FLICKR gallery and YOUTUBE channel. As we have done for years, we ask that you post either a few favorite pics from the evening, embedded video clips and/or links to photo galleries, blogs, or other documentation of The Night 2011.


And of course, your reviews, suggestions etc. are always welcome and appreciated. Thank you for your Wild Hearts!



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VJ Tre here.  I feel so blessed to have been a part of such an amazing event.  Thanks to Chi Chi and Johnny for taking a chance on me.  This was truly one of the best nights of my VJ career.


Stevie Nicks - Night of a Thousand Stevies 2011 - VJ Tre's Outro

Night of a Thousand Stevies 2011 - Chi Chi thanks VJ Tre and introduces the awesome DJ Sammy Jo

Here is my video set list from NOTS 21. I started to play at 8:38. At this point only staff, crew, performers and their guests were in the venue. I didn’t want to play any of my new video edits yet, as I was saving them for when a crowd had formed, so I pretty much just played mostly original videos. I was also trying to hold out on playing the special Intro to NOTS until some of my friends were inside and a larger crowd had gathered. I couldn’t wait any longer so at approximately 9:16 I played my intro clip. In the week prior to NOTS when I was practicing and deciding what I wanted to play and in what order, I realized that I had way too much material. I didn’t even get to play half of what I wanted to play or some of my new video edits.
Before we opened:
20:38 : Sometimes It's A Bitch
20:44 : Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Outtake)
20:47 : Every Day
20:51 : Angel (a mix of Stevie in the studio and the live clip both from the Tusk doc. edited to the album version)
20:56 : If You Ever Did Believe
20:59 : Big Love


Venue opens:
21:03 : Little Lies (Rockamerica Remix) (this is the video edited by rockamerica set to the extended version)
21:09 : Secret Love
21:12 : Paper Doll

My real set begins:
21:16 : NOTS Intro (Outside the Rain-Stand Back) (special edit of various people saying Stevie’s name ending with her Dad then charging into the US Fest of OTR/SB)

21:24 : Dreams (with Deep Dish) (video edit of at least 8 performances of Dreams all set to the Deep Dish mix)

21:29 : Ooh My Love (a video montage of pics from the OSOTM era)

21:34 : Seven Wonders (Remix Edit)

21:38 : Whole Lotta Trouble (Edited Remix) (I think most agree that the original video was not Stevie’s best live vocal so I had this re-tracked to the single edit remix and you can’t even tell. This gives it the “umph”, the extra kick)

21:42 : It's Late (Chris Isaak Hour)

21:44 : Sorcerer (Marilyn Martin version) – this is a special clip, like a mini movie featuring Diane Lane, Stevie and Sheryl all singing along to the Marilyn Martin version. The video also incorporates a clip of Stevie and Mick for the bridge. Very cool “if I do say so myself.”

21:49 : I Can't Wait (Discotech Remix) – Disco Tech was a CD pool service from the 80’s and 90’s and they took ICW and made a mix using both the Rock and Dance mixes. This video is set to that mix.

21:54 : No Spoken Word (Album Version) – The Red Rocks performance edited to the album version.

21:58 : Gypsy (Extended Mix) – The video edited to the extended mix found on FM’s The Chain boxed set.

22:04 : Nightbird (Live from SNL) – thanks to GoldDustOrphan for uploading this clip.

22:08 : Edge of Seventeen (Live from Storytellers) – this was re-tracked from the old VHS tape using the CD audio from the Storytellers CD.

22:15 : NOTS Outro – I posted the link for this one above.

From someone's aticle who I'd rather not quote but......


" the quality, the fun, the genius, and the realness still thrives in these one-off events."


And Maki, how come you are the only one I know who gets a photo of me looking realllly happy ?


Daddy, Empress, Hattie, such a total pleaz workin for you.

Oh Tre, no problem, lots of people do that every year. Worth explaining again that we use this topic to find great pictures, sure, but also to follow links to photographers who put up galleries from the Night, so we can go and browse those for our final FLICKR set..


So, no more than 6 pictures from each member (and we prefer 4 to be honest)keeps the topic flowing and still gives many unique perspectives of the room, like yours!

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