I've always thought Diana's boys were cuties, but I was never particularly intriqued by them. Then I came across this picture of Prince Harry yesterday on the Drudge Report ....

Those eyes! Those lips! That wild red hair! Prep school fantasies explode!
I think I'm in love....
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.................such a cutie.
Though, if you want to butch up, you should check out his cousin Peter Phillips, Princess Anne's chunky monkey rugby playing son!
well he certainly has grown up I'll say that. I always think of him as a freckly little tot in some Sunday suit. I know what you mean though Lex about redheads. my last girlfriend was one and let me tell you there is nothing like goin down on a firebush. red hot!
RodHammerBoy - keep it clean! Remember we're talking about a PRINCE here.

However I must admit the smut factor appeals to me. Harry's partying ways and drinking/drugging scandals only makes my appetite even more "wet". And digging deeper, I've heard rumors for years about his father, Prince Charles, having the most massive of tools. (enhanced by his slightly horse-like facial structure). I wonder ... like father, like son?


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Okay. So Prince Harry is definately my preferred, but I think Wills is cute too. What I like about the boys is that they are cute but in a kind of strange, unconventional way. Wills looks a lot like Diana in the facial features category, but his jawline and the shape of his face is kind of horse-like, taking after Charles.
Giddy-yup! Yes, that horse-like jaw of Anne and Charles has definately been passed on to Prince William, but hell I'd still take him for a ride.

One of the more flattering photos ...

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Well, in Harry, there may be no resemblence to Charles. Afterall, the scuttlebutt is he may not be biologically Charles', though since Diana is dead, no one will ever know truly, unless they do a paternity test...which with the royals would be so unlikely d/t high volume scandal factor and the Brit press would eat that up.
Those rumors about Harry being sired by Diana's lover make him all the hotter as far as I'm concerned. That delicate flavor of illicitness, scandal, impure royal bloodlines, buried family secrets .... so "Dynasty" !! But Buckingham Palace certainly would block any paternity investigation. Besides, I read somewhere that Diana's ex-lover (her riding instructor?) denies fatherhood, naturally.

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Some wenches will do anything to get a piece of my Prince! She's obviously nothing but a cheap social climber. Notice how this crafty little gold-digging snatch even tries to rip off MY LOOK! (who is her hairdresser??) All I know is that bee-yotch better stay away from my man or I will CUT HA!!!! @#$%&*!


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forget about poor cancer-patient-girl stealing your look Lex, and look at his hands/fingers...you know what those long fingers are usually a very good indicator of...
Drug addiction?

I'm sorry but that one is a mess. William will be like his father, boring but dedicated to God and country. This one got the Margaret gene. Party on dude!
Oh you're right Randella. I'll give the girl a break and focus on the positive. (think he's got a thing for shaved heads??) And look how HOT he looks in that photo - flawless. I like how his cheeks get red. Like his dutiful and more serious brother, Harry's got the looks, money and title but without all the heir-to-the-throne headaches William has to endure. (Diana used to call him her "spare" ... isn't that cute?)

You can see the beginnings of a freak and a total mess in that gorgeous face of his. tasty!
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He has already been caught being a bad boy- drinking and smoking pot! So there may be ways to lure him into your proverbial parlor...
I'd give Harry a 'honey trap' he'd never forget ...



St James's Palace has refused to comment on newspaper reports of a "bizarre plot" to obtain a sample of Prince Harry's DNA.

A girl was going to be used to set a "honey trap" and pluck a strand of hair from his head, according to the Mail on Sunday and The Sunday Times.

The newspapers report that Prince Charles's private secretary Sir Michael Peat was tipped off about the elaborate sting and contacted police.

Scotland Yard refused to comment but police sources say they have received no complaint and no investigation is under way.

Both newspapers say Sir Michael may have believed that the News of the World was involved in the plot but the newspaper issued a denial.

Stuart Kuttner, managing editor, said: "The allegation that we would attempt to obtain a sample of Prince Harry's hair is utterly preposterous.

"We did not do this, never attempted to do this and it has never crossed our minds to do so."

He went on: "If this is the approach Sir Michael Peat is adopting in his investigation into sleaze at the Palace, we can only assume he'll find everyone guilty - regardless of any evidence.

"The whole notion is bonkers. Tom Crone, the legal manager of News International, publishers of the News of the World, formally told him so in the plainest of terms today.

"It's a pity Sir Michael chooses to think otherwise."

Story filed: 00:01 Sunday 15th December 2002

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I prefer my chicken with a bit more flava... you know BAM! spice it up a bit... this is all a bit too white meat lardy for my like...but who am I to argue...
Naw, not my type..rough em up though, give them a black eye or a split lip and force them to grow their hair long, topped off with a thick goatee..then we're talkin' wink
Though I have been known to deviate and make exceptions, for the most part I prefer my boys very clean (and clean shaven), smooth, slender, not too muscular and with short hair and pretty faces. I can make forays into grungey boys and step lightly through a shit hole rock club, but frankly I'd rather have someone that will wash his hands after he pisses.

But my Prince Harry knows how to get down and dirty!


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I think i'd disown a dude if i ever seen him washing his hands after taking a piss LOL
Although i know what you're saying, i can sometimes 'sway' into the 'clean cut' thing for a red hot minute but my heart (and dick) are in the shit hole rock clubs, perferably bathroom stall 2 (or any other even number). wink
Or in this case a la Prince. Here Harry shows a business-boy look.

Ann Oldenburg of USA Today listed Princes William and Harry on her "Celebs to Watch in 2003" list, describing the boys as "young, single and rakish".


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I love the juxtaposition of spikey, punkish or slightly messy (but short) hair paired with a suit. The contrast is really cute to me. Several months ago I convinced another chicken of mine how hot he looked in a suit with his mohawk and he so whenever he came to see me he'd dress that way. oooo baby.
Thanks for the compliments and cute link, Bridgette! I hope Harry would like me too ... I've just been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to make it to swinging London, that's all.
Do you think he's "known" anyone (in the Biblical sense)???
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Trust me I long ago checked out the official Royal websites, hon. In fact some of the pics I snagged I've already posted.

He's so full of energy. I'll bet he could use a good rubdown after playing the field ... perhaps it's time I became a masseuse.

Here's an article from the UK Daily Mirror that appeared some months ago about Harry's prowess on the field, in reference to the match he played where he gets down and dirty (see pic of him in my previous post in soiled uniform). It really got my juices flowing!


By Jane Kerr

PRINCE Harry gave dad a filthy look yesterday - and got a playful tweak on the nose in return. It was all part of the fun as Charles turned out to see his very own Dirty Harry cover himself in mud and glory in the centuries-old Eton Wall Game. His victorious team made history by scoring twice in the game - a cross between rugby, soccer and brutality which baffles everyone but the players.

Charles, though, was understandably proud of his 18-year-old son. He watched the game with Harry's tutors and other dads. As soon as it was over he squelched through the mire to congratulate Harry - and rib him over his appearance. The closeness between father and son was clear as they stood alone chatting and joking. Charles reached out to hold Harry's shoulder then quickly withdrew his hand in mock disgust at the sight of his younger boy caked in mud from head to toe.

The fond exchanges were captured by the Daily Mirror after we were invited to watch Harry play in the annual match on Saturday. We were the only newspaper to record Charles's private visit to the elite Berkshire school for the game - said to have inspired Harry Potter's Quidditch. Afterwards one royal aide, referring to our Paul Burrell scoop, joked: "It looks like the Mirror's done it again." Harry, in his final year at Eton, brought a cheer from the 300-strong crowd by scaling down a brick wall with the other players to start the game.

The prince had daubed his face with blue and yellow warpaint - in keeping with a game which has been described as "brutal, pointless and extremely dangerous". And, leaving no doubt about the determination of his Oppidans side to win, Harry was photographed with his nine team-mates in a special edition of the school magazine, The Chronicle, dressed in the style of an Al Capone gangster. His menacing look was completed with a wide-brimmed trilby hat, white suit, waistcoat and cane.Harry's opponents included a friend who called himself "The Duchess of Dork". But the young royal signed on in the magazine simply as "Harry Wales Esq". Torrential rain had swamped the field. And within minutes Harry's blue and red striped shirt and white trousers were covered in mud along with his face, hair, hands and legs, making it virtually impossible to tell him apart from the other players. At one point, he looked like being crushed under a mass of bodies as both sides tried to win control of the ball along the 118-yard wall against which the game is played.But during a break in play he acted the clown by lying down flat in the mud, hands clasped behind his head.And any pain he might have felt soon melted when his side scored a try. Such are the complicated rules of the game that scoring is rare. The last time anyone can remember it happening was nearly a decade ago.

Jubilant Harry celebrated by hugging his team-mates and performing a short victory dance. Then, minutes before the end, his side scored their unique second try. It was a sweet moment for the prince, who appears to have put the furore over his pot smoking and underage drinking long behind him.The teenage daredevil, who has tried his hand at most adventure sports including abseiling, scuba diving, skiing and polo, is no stranger to physical scrapes either. Last June he damaged his ankle in an inter-house sporting encounter and had to limp around on dad's walking stick for weeks. He needed surgery after he chipped a bone in his left thumb playing football. In 1996 he was so badly bruised while playing rugby at Eton he had to be taken to hospital. And he still carries a scar on his foot after he accidentally put it through a plate glass window. But he comes up smiling.

A family friend said: "Harry likes to let his hair down. He's full of fun and gets away with much more than his brother.

Look what I came across: "Harry buying a Thong?"
I wonder who for?
himself maybe Wink
Prince Harry buys a thong

Prince Harry has bought a feathery thong for a mystery friend, it's reported.

He was on a shopping trip with friends earlier this week at Selfridges in London.

The Prince got his personal shopper to choose a range of underwear to look at while he dined. He chose a £25 marabou-trimmed Myla feather thong.

Buckingham Palace officials would not say who they think the thong is for.

The 17-year-old Prince was spotted shopping in the Oxford Street store, accompanied by former Royal nanny Tiggy Pettifer.

He got an assistant to choose a range of underwear who then took them to the Prince.

A senior member of Selfridges staff told the Daily Mail: "I think it's a bit of a laugh, an annual ritual. I know he was in last year and bought a different black thong, but I don't know who it was for."

Story filed: 07:22 Friday 21st December 2001

Very suspicious indeed! Maybe he likes the feel of that satin next to his sweet young skin. An underwear fetish perhaps? Or maybe he's got a kept tranny mistress tucked away somewhere ... hmmmm.

In the meantime, every little schoolgirl in the UK will be moistening their panties and trying to get at my man! Get back bitches!



Prince Harry has been crowned 2002's most dateable "stud" by society magazine Tatler.

He beat the likes of James Gooding, Dan Macmillan and Darius Danesh to take the title.

According to judges, his "naughty but nice" appeal puts him ahead on the social barometer.

But Prince William, who was number one in the list two years ago, has failed to make it to the top 10.

Tatler editor Geordie Greig told the London Evening Standard: "Harry has suddenly emerged as the young royal who has just come of age and is naughty but nice. By a huge majority, he was voted the most desirable new guy on the block.

"He's got a sense of mischief. There's a certain energy and irreverence, wit and fun about him. He is clearly good-looking and a young man who people are going to watch and girls have got their eye on."

Story filed: 15:29 Tuesday 5th November 2002

Babe, they dont stand a chance!!!
He'll take one look at you and will be totally smitten Wink
When r u planning on going 2 London?

k, me gotta go watch Ricki Lake Smile
Probably in April or May I'll be doing a London jaunt. Guess I should have my people call Harry's and set something up. Or perhaps I should just send him a pair of feather-trimmed panties.
hmmm...i don't know about the panties - He might have a whole collection by now...that is if he's been buying them ever since 2001!!!
If you ever get to meet him, let him know that he is the luckiest guy in the world!!! Well, I'm sure he'll know it as soon as he sees you.
I should open up a forum Hopelessly Devoted to Lex...lol
when is your Birthday, hun? I'll get you the best present!!!
(well, I don't think I'll be able to go as far as getting you Harry, but who knows Smile)
Expect the unexpected
btw: Lex, I think you're an AMAZING writer!!!
I always read your posts on politics and I think you should consider writing for a newspaper or a magazine, that is if you aren't already doing so!
Why thanks Brigdette! Your post made my day! And all this time I thought nobody read my political tripe except Lily of the Valley and Ted (with occasional input from Miss Diamond). Thanks indeed. I should be writing for a magazine, shouldn't I? I'm such an underachiever .... but a more significant piece of writing authored by me is in the works as we speak. I'll let you know.

My birthday is September 23rd (Virgo-Libra cusp) btw. Just don't send me any ticking packages, though I will accept hot boys jumping out of a cake. Do you think Harry likes angelfood?

Harry Lookalike jumping out of angelfood...hmm...if that makes any sense.
Ok, so the new name of this forum is:
"Hopelessly Devoted to Lex who is Devoted to Harry"
I cannot believe you call yourself an "underachiever"!!! In this life, its the potential and self-expression of one's mind that make a statement, rather than a pursue of a goal. From my own perspective, you have what it takes to "make it" in whatever you want to do and that , in itself, already makes you more than the average.
Forget writing for a magazine, I think you should write a book about your life, as it would certainly underline some major points. Before I read any of your posts regarding your own life, I, somehow knew that you have an interesting life story....i'm weird like that-I, sometimes, just know what the person is about. But anywho, I read one of the posts where you talk about your mom, and how it would've been tough for her if she wasn't part of the union. The way you described it all was just so interesting to read (and I have to add that I am NOT a big reader!) but your posts keep me here for hours.
I've started writing a book once, or even twice for that matter....and I hardly EVER finish anything that I start! I guess I'm an underachiever here...lol..but by saying that I would contradict myself! and also my viewpoint on it.
OMG, I think this is turning into a "Writing" Forum. hmm,.....speaking of which,,,maybe we should create one.
why is your birthday so far awayyy!!!
well...mine is too....lol
<3 bb

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Wow! Thanks for all the heartfelt praise, I deeply appreciate it and your encouragement really means a lot! You're totally right about self-expression and state of mind, that's what it's all about. Hopefully my work of fiction whenever it's done will make you proud. In the meantime it's good to be in the cyber nightclub where you can come into contact with so many colorful characters like yourself with all their parties, events, wigs, surgery makeovers, political views and fetishes.

p.s. when is your birthday, btw?
p.p.s. Harry's birthday is in the same month as mine, September. Smile

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