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Who Was the Lady In the Dunes?

One of the most enduring mysteries in Provincetown is that of the "Lady In the Dunes..."

In 1974, the body of a young woman was found out by Race Point, the cause of death was blunt trauma, her face disfigured and her hands had been removed. For over 30 years she has remained unidentified and her killer has never been found.

Now they have done a computer reconstruction of what her face most likely looked like, in the hopes that someone may finally identify her. Once they find out who she was, they may have a chance in bringing her murderer to justice.

I can remember that when I lived there, three years later, everyone in town had an opinion about who she was and who might have caused her death and the Lady In the Dunes was still big news. Some were even convinced that her ghost haunted that lonely and beautiful place.

Here's an article I came across yesterday, followed by the computer-generated image:

The Cape Cod Times

Perhaps at last the mystery will be solved and her spirit may finally find rest.


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OMG!! It's Messy Bonnie's mother to be sure. They say she hung out down at the docks late at night looking for fishermen and had a propensity toward the drink. It was also suspected that she had a female child that was found next to the body with a little cup of whiskey and a rattle full of roffies... I wonder if we were to hypnotize Messy bonnie if we might find some hidden repressed memories..And they still have that photo of Messy Bonnie on the post office wall here..What's that about?
It is cold here, snowed yesterday and we are all getting cabin fever. I am so ready for sunshine and warmth. I will be in NYC April 19th - April 25th and I am expecting some warm sunny weather. Please tell me that there will be some hot days ahead during my visit home to the rotten apple. Also is anything going on that I should no about while I'm there?
If you find yourself in Ptown this summer I am producing a great event:

"The Big Country Music Jamboree"
with live music, two step dancing and a silent auction of Celebrity items. To benefit The Aids Support Group Of Cape Cod.

July 29 7:30 - Midnight
Town Hall
$15 at the door / $3.00 off if in western attire


Peter Donnelly
Laura Cappello
Ellen Greene
Ryan Landry
Tammy Faye Starlight
Zoe Lewis
Electric Milk Machine
Hedda Lettuce
Thirsty Burlington
Gays For Patsy dance troupe
And your MC Bobby Miller.

Silent Auction items from the personal collections of:

Debra Harry( Zebra print jacket and Orange heels from Blondie world tour)
Karen Allen ( costume from the film " Scrooged")
Lisa Edelstein ( Of NBC's " House")
Cowgirl Hall Of Fame NYC
Ellen Greene ( star of Little Shop of Horrors)
Alexis Arquette ( Costume from The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour by Bob Mackie)
Rosanna Arquette ( Moschino western jacket)
David Arquette ( western suit)
Patricia Arquette ( western wear from TV show " Medium")
Michael O'Keefe ( from the film "Cadyshack" )
Jimmy James
Vince Bruce ( Broadways " Will Rogers")
Robert Lafosse ( NYC Ballet star)
Lady Bunny
Penny Arcade
Michael Musto ( a date for a Broadway show and drinks out on the town)
Patrick McMullen ( author of 80's photo book)
Jon Bon Jovi ( from his own collection)
The Flawless Sabrina
Jamie Casertano
Bambi Cambridge
The World Famous *Bob*
Dirty Martini
Tom Woodruff
John Dowd
Patricia Field ( Sex & The City book)signed
Toby Keith ( Autographed photo)
Emmy Lou Harris ( from her collection)
Bonnie Raitt
Willie Nelson

Costume contest for Best Cowboy/cowgirl
Raffle prizes and Party favors

Refreshments will be served

Come and learn to dance the two step and shop till you drop. All money raised goes to The Aids Support Group of Cape Cod.
Report from Ptown: Well it's been another fun filled season here in PPTown. A riot on July 4th in front of Town Hall. 20 people arrested, cops abusing the citizens, all charges later dropped to avoid a law suit againt the town, great new roster of summer stars; Dina Martina, Tammy Faye Starlite, Cashetta making a huge splash here with her singing drag magic act ( really amazing!), visits from a few minor and major celebs to give a little excitement to the mix ( Maddonna, Paula Abdul, Rosie O'Donnell, Eartha Kitt, Melissa Etheridge and that big gay major football player) and all the regulars. The only thing missing so far is Mommy & Daddy and little casanova. But the fall is shaping up already with art openings, a new huge art museum and lots of local scandale..
Sending you all love and kisses from Problemstown.
Move to Ptown, become a "star".

Just received this in my mail here.

Hello, all. My name is Jennifer Lane. I am the Executive Producer of LOGO's upcoming television series, P-TOWN, a "reality-docu-soap" in the style of MTV's LAGUNA BEACH. I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself, answer a few questions, and invite you to speak with me about your business and the people with whom you work.

Our association with the Business Guild is important to our success. Every television producer wants a second season of their show and to do this we'll maintain an open and respectful relationship with the business community. We're presenting a prime-time fantasy...and portraying Provincetown in a positive light is part of the show's style.

I will be in Provincetown for a few weeks in mid-February to hold open casting calls and to meet with people. Production of our "pilot presentation" will take place for a week in late March-early April. The series production takes place between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

We embark on our hunt for 6-10 main cast members. These will be real people with real lives, people that live or work in Provincetown during the summer. We're looking for charismatic, gay men and women most likely between the ages of 25 and 40 (LOGO's demographic). Our cast will look good on the cover of OUT magazine!

Go Go Luckey Productions has a proven track record with the hit series LAGUNA BEACH and ROLLERGIRLS. The plan is to continue this success with P-TOWN. Please email me, contact below, if you are interested in participating as a location for the show, if you have a potential cast member in mind, or if your business is a good social focal point.

I have been working closely with Bill Schneider at the Provincetown Tourism Office. He's happy to field any questions you may have regarding the project. phone 508-487-3298

And of course, please feel welcome to contact me directly. phone 310-314-3305
I think you should doll yourself up and go apply and tell them you're 39. You too Daddy.
I mean the "typical" PP-town made up of youngsters who are there in the summer?
How brainless to have an age cut-off.

I was thinking I would visit PP-town this summer for a change. After the desert trials....
Would love to see you there - do you stay throughout?
all gays are rich and young, it would appear on logo, they only do five star hotels on their travel show. it's too much like mtv.

it's weird as a mature man, to see how many children are hired as backup dancers and talk show hosts and how seldom anyone is ever over 25 on television.

where are the shows with a cast of ugly men on them any more, like Barney Miller?
I agree, more "ugly" old men. Use the digital capacity to read the lines and tracks of tears, more fascinating than smooth and vacant.

Or as my friend Carl used to say, pretty is good, but deaf and dumb and pretty is the best.

Where can I stay in PP-town this summer that is not $200. a night? I found a place in North T-something the time I went up with Chi Chi years ago. A town right next door.

Love Stan

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