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Yup. Poor Heath. But I don't believe that any doctor would have prescribed that combo to one single person - it's overkill. Some people tend to get dyslexic with painkillers and anxiolytics (I was long one of them): "1 every 6 hours as needed" does not mean "6 every hour if the shit hits the fan". And if you have 2 or 3 doctors that don't know about each other... well, you'd likely end up with an overlap of different versions of each med, much like Ledger's combo indicates. Self-supervised medication with such things is not much better than being a street junkie (I was one of those too). It just feels like it won't kill you cuz a Dr. or Drs. prescribed 'em.
Call for Proposals for the Dean Johnson Documentary...

Project comes with existing footage (Velvet Mafia shows and interviews
with Dean), pre-recorded music, lots of still images and memorabilia
and a host of possible downtown legends to be interviewed.

The backdrop is downtown Manhattan 1981-2008... the Pyramid, Wigstock,
Jackie 60, CBGB's and the backrooms of every sleezy gay bar below 43th
st. Dean was one of the seminal artists of this time and place.

We're planning a big spring tribute to Dean, and we want to document
the party as well.

Project would work in tandem with Dean's estate (his sister).
Independent filmakers and film students A+.

We can be contacted via private posting at this site. Thanks.
Most cities have a pro bono lawyers organization that you may contact to ask general questions. There is a very good one here in NYC so I can't imagine DC would not have such an organization. I think if you did a cursory search you would be able to come up with some contact information. It may also turn out to be a good resource for any steps you may want to consider taking.

It sounds like the usual inert wall of disinterest in such cases that many enforcement forces will put up just because of the identity of the victim.
Chris Johnson here, not long lost -- perhaps *temporarily* lost would be more accurate....

I would be delighted to participate in Dean's B-day celebration; they have always been notable (I still have an invite to one at the World in 1988, taped into a scrapbook). I have been in touch with Brendan "Mme. Alexandre" Brogan, who alerted me to the whole affair...

If *only* I knew how to get in touch with Gil. As Dean well knew, Gil was and shall forever remain the flame to my moth. I -- to this day -- am more attracted to him than to any other human on earth. Go figure -- an O.J. and Nicole thing? (but who is who?).....

I know Dean would want us both there, as he delighted in not only our sexual tension but also our cock-hard loyalty to his fucked up, Quixotic vision.

I have much to say about Dean, my intense experiences with him, and my thoughts about his inevitably cinematic departure. I hope I get to say a few words at the celebration, but even if not, I will certainly be there!!

Originally posted by friendofdean:
Here are my two cents worth: Memorial on Deans bday is right on; I remember Dean being awed by the artistry of Clark Render, Tabboo, and anyone who ever impersonated Stevie Nicks with him of one of his annual 29th birthdays. And of course, all band members from the weenies and the mafia. Others I haven't seen mentioned include Pee Wee (Perry) Masco of ICU - and I hope someone is in touch with former R&RFB gogo boys Gil Bellaran and Chris Johnson. I hope some of you know how to get in touch with these long time (and maybe long lost) friends of his; I can probably find Chris Johnson, but the others are on your turf.
As for the oxycodone issue, acetaminophen is, in this case, the "key". Oxycontin is not a fun painkiller, due to it's slow release into the system (no rush) whereas percodan/-cet are damn recreational cuz they hit you full strength within 20 minutes. I can't imagine Dean willingly taking both since we had the oxycontin vs. percocet conversation a while back, and he had a scrip for the 'fun' version. Of course, I could be totally wrong, too, but that's my hunch. Love to all from the great white north.
rose My Friends*~...
To those of you who do not know me...Howdy, Im Lizze one of the NOTS performers who will be honoring Dean this May with a Blazing Performance of Seven Wonders*~...
Well, hmmmm..I don't even know where to start with this...& certainly do not want to go on a freakin rant but I feel safe here in this forum to speak my mind so I will....Chi Chi I am sorry, and feel free to edit or remove this at your disrecion...I would so not be Lizzie if I did not get this off my chest soooo...

Well, we have 1 little wayward Gypsy who has been bringing down the collective, brilliant, energy of the NOTS performers...I am not one to let such petty bullshit dampen my spirit but it has taken a toll on several others and after listening to this crap for 3 months I just want to get out Big Blue ( My coveted Tambo) and Boots and kick her in the ass!!! It seems to me that the meaning of this NOTS somehow got away from some, and I have directed those Gypsy's who hearts and spirits are failing to The Endless Night, Deans MySpace, and What is on the Enchanted Gypsies forum in the hopes that this will serve as a reminder as to what THIS Night is all about and can only hope that after the emotional journey they will take pouring though all of this information that a deep and meaningful tribute to Dean will be executed in honor of this...Timeless Spirit Dean Johnsonrose..I am pleased to report that HIS story is indeed spreading and the Enchanted ones are pulling it togetherroseBah hum bug on the one bad apple theory bah I say!!! There is so much Love and Incredible Energy at each and every NOTS surely with that alone we can calm the wayward Gypsy and bring forth that energy to surround her with Dean's Spirit...After all we all Spinned and Twirled on this mans playground, and did indeed pass in the Night...So show some respect already...Sorry but I was about to explode Geeezzzz..Feels much better ahhhhh...and I am putting together a lovely tribute to Dean that I hope to post over the coming week if not this weekend on the Boards and MySpace so stay tuned...
As for this prescribe meds nightmare...For those who may not know this I was in a horrific accident a few years back that all put crushed 3 discs in my lower back and am very lucky to still be among you, let alone able to Spin and Twirl once again..Point being I was put on endless cocktails to try and help me thru the pain and misery of the nerve damage to my leg, that I suffer from as a consequence of this accident...In fact this very same cocktail, along with several other medications... I thought I was a damn Guinea Pig for the world of drug science..You would like to think that the MDs and Pharmacists would have better sense but I digress I understand and relate to this... Recreational use or not makes little difference...Shit I feel safer with the recreational things to party on then what happened to me with my own experience into what I can only lable as a Nightmare...On a happy note I have to tell you that all those meds no longer reside in my medicine cabinet other then the occasional Norco or Xanax...At last there is something that does work and allows me to be me again and to Spin and Twirl in Loving memory of Dean...Lyrica...Figures the word Lyric would be in there...LOL...So in closing let me say Thank You for listening to my little rant and for the release it has allowed me to carry on into The Night...For Dean!!!!!
Much Love,Huggles,Spins & Twirls*~...
Lizzie*~... rose
Enchanted Gypsy*~...

& If I Live To See the seven wonders
I'll make a path to the rainbow's end
I'll never live to match the beauty again
The Rainbows End!!!!

On that note Love Love Love this version so much I have to share!!! I was trying to keep it a secret from Chi Chi until the Night but I just cant do it...LOL...Enjoy...I Hope it works...

& She Spins Off Into The Night Chiffon Flowing Behind Her*~...
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Thanks NOTS-informant, and good luck. I always thought NOTS was Dean's idea (but I could be wrong). If I'm not wrong, than yeah, I think this year's NOTS ought to give a nod to the man whose coat tails were large and joyous enough for hundreds of us to spin and twirl about upon, year after blessed year. Even if NOTS was someone else's brilliant idea way back when, I bet they had some fun with our dearly departed over the years... So why not send Dean some love from your fabulous soirée? He's worth it.
Well, Dean's concert is less than a week away. I've been very grateful for the chance to bond with all of Dean's "lipstick traces" (in the Greil Marcus sense) as we ready the visuals for this show.

Along the way Ive run into several favorite new images of Dean - Ive posted them here - thanks to Adam+Leslie, ever the fierce visual representatives of Dean's "crystal vision"..

Enjoy these and Ill see you Friday night - full info and advance tickets at


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