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I was listening to an old mix tape I made for myself in the early 90's and came across a classic that I adored but haven't heard in awhile
called "I wanna thank you lord" If I remember correctly you remixed it or produced it under club 69...right/wrong? Who was the vocalist that you used?I also wanted to know if you have a website dedicated to your music?I'd love to see a list of projects you worked on......I'm a total househead.
I also wanted to tell you that tranny shack did change it's name to "tranny party nyc" so there you have it.The night at splash on thursday was lame theres just too much going on there to hook up but they did tell me they moved to 215 W28th street a 3 level space on wednesday and fridays.
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I just checked out your site...intresting! I was an intern at atlantic records from 1988-89 at the same time I managed an artist on pow wow records "poetry" produced by dj jazzy jay(zulu nation) You must have known herbie corsack or dealt with mark kamins.....there's a blast from the past.
Ps. I own all the menudo records too!
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Ricky is "chillin" now.
He likes not being in the spotlight so much.
He's still doing music.
(watch for a "Ricky Martin record" this spring. Ricky has nothing to do with it and is not on it but it's a "Ricky Martin record" for sure. It's a Daddy homage to my ex-band mate).

And Andrea,
"Club 69" is all Peter's idea.
When he called me and asked what I thought about the name I told him I hated it. (He loved the name "Jackie 60") I told him I thought 69 was too obvious and very "Jr. High School" and told him not to use it.
Fortunately (for him) he never listens to me and had a huge success with "Club 69" and *69 Records.
NOTE: If anyone wants to get rich, just run your idea past me and then do THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what I say.
Picture it, 1983
DADDY: "Dance and sing, get up and do your thing...
Are you kidding me with this?
Let me help you write some lyrics".
M _ _ _ _ _ _ : "I know what I'm doing".

Peter Rauhofer is such a smart guy and VERY VERY talented. One of the best re-mixers ever. I love working with him.
(In fact, we are working on something fun right now. You'll be hearing about it.)
Angel Moraes, Frankie Knuckles, Junior Vasquez, David waxman
Victor Calderone, Johnny Dynell, David Morales, Moby
Roger Sanchez, Danny Krivitt, Erick Morilllo, Larry Tee

Where did I go wrong?
Apparently the only way to DJ super stardom is...

Sammy Jo,
Remember that very first DJ lesson that I gave you where I said ALWAYS take good care of your hair if you want to be a successful DJ?
Forget it.

I was wrong.


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  • bald
All I've got to say Daddy is at least you still have hair. That is quite an accomplishment. I thought that my hair would begin to recede at 25. I'm proud to say that I have a grandfather who still has his hair at 70 something...My Father's side of the family, well, most of them are either bald or receding. But I'd like to shave my head at least once to see if I like it. I notice that a lot of men at my gym are bald. And yet they are young (or young looking) guys who are as healthy as an ox...if I do start to shed though, I'm shavin' it off! ROAR!
I didn't know where to post so I'm putting this is my own topic.
I mean, what the hell is the point of having a topic if can't post in it.

I'm in Los Angeles sitting by the pool (of course) pretending to be a rock star.
It's fun.
(I was even wearing sunglasses for about 2 minutes but they drive me crazy and I took them off).
I'm here performing with my buds Pink Martini. We are doing 3 (sold out) nights at The Hollywood Bowl. I'm singing back up and pretty much acting like a retard in front of 18 thousand people every night with like a hundred piece orchestra.
I have never had so much fun in my life!
I feel like Sammy Jo.

The best part, however, is that Carol Channing comes on and does a guest spot! She sings "Razzle Dazzle 'Em" and "No Business Like Show Business".
It's killer. SHE'S a killer!
I cannot say enough about her. She is REALLY nice and incredibly smart and funny. I love her.
She had this dress from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" that she is donating to the Smithsonian and it was stolen. I think they found it though in some park. It was returned by a mysterious "woman" with long red hair and a signiture white streak in the front.
More later.
Awww I hope it was the Chateau Marmont ... Have fun and post all the dish.... i was online today looking at my friends in LA... what is it about LA that attracted women onto myspace who post endless pictures of themselves in poses.. I think that pretty much sums up LA... the endless poses and the endless not interacting but taking pictures!
When I did wigs for Miss Channing she was delightful. I loved squeezing into a tiny hotel bathroom to cut her wig on her. Afterwards she took it off and out fell her shoulder length white hair and she also lost the souther accent. I asked her where she was from and she said Connecticut but that ever since she played Lorilie Lee in " Hello Dolly " she couldn't shake the southern accent. What a doll. And a few years after that I was standing at the ferry dock to Fire Island and she and the Captain were getting off the boat and all the queens were living for her. I loved that she called out my name to say hello even before the boat had fully docked. A true original.
Yeah, she's great.
And for 87 she still is in great shape...
thin and gorgeous!

LA is too much.
Of course I was having the time of my life but...

Well, the first thing I noticed was one gigantic billboard after another for crappy TV shows. Every hideous Fox and Lifetime tragedy, every stupid reality TV show etc. No movies, just TV shows. Then when I got to the hotel I couldn't believe it...
there was NO NEWS!!!
It was just MTV, VH1, EVERY entertainment news show but NO REAL NEWS!
I have been in hotels all over the world but have never been in one (even in the jungle) that didn't have CNN. Incredible. The only news I could get was about Britney or OJ.

I have a lot to say about LA but I think that's another topic.

The Empress and I are in San Francisco now.
We did the Barney's opening last night.
It was REALLY a big hit.

(Missy U, Your costumes rocked and were photographed to death).

We have one more show tonight then it's home.

Thanks for all the "break a leg" calls and texts etc. As soon as I get a minute I'll post pics and really get down and dirty. I have lots of good dish.
Well, the first thing I noticed was one gigantic billboard after another for crappy TV shows. Every hideous Fox and Lifetime tragedy, every stupid reality TV show etc. No movies, just TV shows. Then when I got to the hotel I couldn't believe it...
there was NO NEWS!!!
It was just MTV, VH1, EVERY entertainment news show but NO REAL NEWS!

Oh Johnny, that all started when Lucy & Desi bought the studio.
Yeah, I have the horns but I also had a table to put my CD book on.
I had to demand it.
I don't know how they can set up a Superstar DJ on stage at Wembley Stadium or any other stadium and make the DJ put his CD book AND COCKTAIL on the floor.
Look at poor little Sammy Jo...
On stage in front of (I'm guessing) 50,000 people looking gorgeous but all hunched over getting his (I'm guessing) Roberto Cavalli white jump suit all dirty.
And God knows where he is keeping his (I'm guessing) Gin & tonic.

The Live Nation concert producers had a field day with me when I demanded a table for my cocktail. (I didn't mention the CD book part). When I got to the show the tech guys were hysterical.
"Here Mr. Dynell is the table for your cocktail. I hope it's satisfactory. Is there anything else we can get for you?
I said, "Yeah, I'm still waiting for the cocktail".
They lost it.

Sammy, you have to DEMAND a table for your cocktail.
Even I had nearly forgotten this brilliant bit of Dynell mischief, Palladium era..


I remember Geraldo doing a segment of his show from the Palladium back in the day. He and his cohorts did interviews from various rooms in the club. At one point, DJ Johnny Dynell, later of Jackie 60 and Mother fame, was interviewed. When asked how he became a DJ at the fabulous Palladium, Johnny, on camera, told the silliest of all stories. He told Geraldo's sidekick that he had started out with the Menudo, and then got too old and joined the Ice Capades, and then went into DJing. This went out to America, with half of New York's club scene in hysterics. Michael Musto revealed the joke in his Village Voice column.

I got a call from a Geraldo assistant, which a Lewis assistant took. It was relayed to me that I was to fire Johnny Dynell, or the wrath of Rivera would come down on all our heads.
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The gal in the jumper and her pal the blonde in the mini were the hottest numbers in the place, next to the birthdayboy of course. And Daddy never looked younger, like a Benjamin Button. Great to see Basil too who let slip he and Joey are doing With A Twist again in September. And Empress is always so fun when her eyes are that large. Enjoy another ride around the sun Daddy !

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