I must thank those of you who are keeping this thread going. I have to admit, i've been in the dark about this phenomenon! After the whole *right round* episode way back when, i fell out of the loop. But thank you so much for getting me back in touch with continous thriller that is *Pete Burns* eek

love me, you know you wanna!
Few things you might not know about Pete Burns... when he lived in his hometown Liverpool (England)..he lived with his wife, Lyn as well as his boyfriend Steve Coy (D.O.A.band member)...they had a small flat on the edge of the city centre - living next block to Frankie Goes to Hollywoods Holly Johnson, Julian Cope and his then girlfriend Courtney Love, and Wayne Hussey (Mission UK)..we hear that Pete and Lyn and Steve shared the space with bunks beds two of them that they put together with queen matress' over..how clever...i hear that in the past few yrs the happy trio split (???) also heard that Steve (who was always a rough street scally) beat Pete up so badly that Pete fled to Germany for safety... Pete was never really that inventive ..more of a designer clothes horse... he was from a rich family so could afford to take the train to London an buy out the whole Vivienne Westwood collection each season (sort of like the Hilton sisters do now!)... this at the time in Liverpool when the likes of Jayne Casey (founders of the nightclub Cream) used to shave her head and paint on 'hair' with boot polish,... Pete Wylie (from band Wah!) (who used to be in a band with Burns and Ian-Bunnymen- Mc Culloch)used to wear a toilet seat round his neck on stage...Holly Johnson performed at a family park day summerstage in a pair of jeans with his bare arse hanging out from the circle he cut out...and my best mate Helly used to wear t-bags for earings and carry a kettle as a purse...so Mr. Burns wearing head to toe designed by someone else working behind the counter of a record shop...was not THAT inventive in our town...just thought you might know that .....
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As long as I've known you...

You really took me back with that last one. I could SMELL that toilet seat around her neck!
Pete and Steve came into Cheng's this week and hung out for some cocktails. I think he looks gorgeous. It's not a natural look by far, but some people were just meant to be extremists. He wears it very well.

He was working a gorgeous short do which really complimented his face.
but I didnt know some of those things about him - like how someone could be so "BORED" theyd inflate their lips or get a eye lift. No vanity there. no sir. But it doesnt really matter what he says, how disingenuous he always seems or how he treats people - he's fabulous.
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.. I agree Jade. Love him (me) or hate him(Anna) you can not deny that he has never wavered and has always rocked his own look. Hislook today is just as individual as the looks he put together 20 years ago, never once bowing to conformity, unlike a lot of his 80's contempories.... like daddy mentioned in an earlier post he is "living it!"
I was being facetious - as a person he seems pretty rotten - but alas his music/look/attitude blah blah has been inspirational for me. I'll have it both ways with pete

Anna - btw - you are a national treasure - whenever I want to know the skinny on anyone Ill come to you
Jade, Have you seen him lately? He shaved and parts his hair in the middle, wears glasses. Ain't middle age a bitch? Oh sorry, you'll find out later.
I think his documentary on the Civil War is still his best.

I am still Raughing Out Roud! You have been hanging around us too long!

And by the way...
I've been parting my hair in the middle and wearing glasses recently. What the hell are you trying to say?!
See, the thing is ... i think that he is hardly ever 'original' that is my point... there was a time (Jimmy you will remember when he worked in Probe records) when he used to wear bones and have chrimped Banshee hair - THAT was original... since then he has always just bought 'designer' stuff which to me is NOT original. To admire his mad lips - edina did it ages ago in AbFab! (raff our Roud). I tell ya...i was on Flatbush avenue recently (as ya do) and the outfits I saw on those Jamaican Dancehall gals! THAT was original. Totally out there... but nobody will give props to that being original and inspired as its not packaged for avantgarde... ya get my drift...
Jade by all means be facetious to our Jimmy ... are ya yankin me too? if so do it soft and tender pls...
PS OTher thing is... i grew up around Pete, he lived 2 blocks from me in Liverpool, worked in the record store (Probe)by me, my sister designed his first record covers, his first manager Francesco was my bezzy mate etc etc... to know him is to hate him... he really is a spoilt lil rich kid, His missus Lyn was really cunty.. yet Steve, the fella, was actually a really decent (abeit scallywag), although Pete and Lyn wouldn't let him speak to me! its like the Michael Alig conversation here... when you know someone is a total wazzock you just can't keep hearing how wonderful s/he is...
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......I never said he was the salt of the earth, I just like the way he looks! He never "inspired" anything in me, I've just always liked his hair and make-up....Jesus.
As a good catholic boy how dare you use our Lords name in the same sentence as her ladyshit Ms Burns....
Gerrover yer big self our Jimmy.. or as we say in Liverpool ... yer a meff!
Oh no, we can't compare Ms. Burns with Mr. Alig.

He may have killed YOU in PRINT, and been a prick to most of the world, but the worst crime that he's committed was allowing his personality to get in the way of his talent/success.

He's screwed us on 3 concert dates, 2 of which we didn't get our money back.

Did your sister do the "Number 11" cover? It's one of my all time favorite 45 artworks...

OK kids... so i have my Banners out and I am marching again against that dogs-knob... but just indulge me at least...
The similarities with him and Alig I mean purely as the fact that both are not THAT original and both are vindictive bitches to boot.
Sorry to hear that he stiffed you guys with the gigs... my sis did the brown cover with his black contacts on... I can't remember which one it was.. on Probe/Inevitable records it would be... the early DOA stuff was great, I will say that... they used to have this drummer who was an ex-Liverpool docker.. very str8 brawny-towels lookalike bloke called Joey Musker who called everyone Sausage "alright der Sausage!" and this Joes Ramones lookalike bass player Martin....very funny times...
Believe me Anna, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about.

Now this is an original!
Miss Amanda Lepore!
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Love that cover... The only one I like better is the "Lover Come Back To Me" UK 12" cover.

Zaz just transfered all his "Nighmares in Wax" stuff and all the DOA singles and the EP prior to "Sophisticated Boom Boom" onto CD this past weekend, so the early singles are fresh in my mind.

Their first single as DOA was "Flowers" a black and white closeup shot with him screaming (his old teeth showing) not very attractive.

There is a pic of the old band with Joey Musker, I think it's on the back of the "Misty Circles" 45, I'll have to scan it in an post it.

I've heard that about Pete, that he was pretty much doing what everyone else was doing, but claiming that he did it first... There was always that big debate on who wore huge oversized hats with dreads first, Boy, Pete or those chicks from Hayzee Fantazee


Ok... (hope i don't bore you with this one) but... long story... I was a precocious kid (wot moi shock!).. i used to go down to London and hang out in the fashionable clothes stores (the only thing you can do when you are 14.. I met this one bloke who worked in a store called PX (Steve Strange / Visage) who took me under his wing and was reeeally sweet to me - i was a stupid kid (still am!).. he introduced me to George (Boy) who worked in a clothes store The Foundry and had dreads and am amazing image and a hoot of a personality... i knew all of George and the Blitz kids images cos i was going down to London and then going back to Liverpool (our home town)and then I saw Pete getting money from his rich parents going to London and buying all of this stuff from these stores claiming that it was all of his ideas.. George was going to come up to Liverpool and visit me (he was on the cusp of Culture Club fame) and Pete and Lyn got wind of this and went ballistic and were physically threatening George if he came to Liverpool... for no reason other than folks would realize that Pete is not original... it was all so silly and of course I sided with George... so Pete hated me. Its VERY silly.... but they were very threatening...
Then Wayne Hussey (misson UK, original DOA)guitarist used to live with me and my mum and family in the Uk version of "The Project"(can you imagine, we had a riot all dressin up in that environment) and the things Pete did to Wayne were just out of order and negative and revengeful.
I think the original band and his original image was fantastic but they all got caught up in it all....
But I just get livid when folks admire him for originality and talent.... you know its that ole thing when someone is so rotten and they seem to do well and you just thing Jeez there are so many talented amazing people how come THEY made it big.
Steve Strange was an amazing talent for re-inventing himself (not particularly as a musician) but image wise and well overlooked...so was George...
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sorry this was a bit self indulgent
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thanks anna. you rock! - no I wasnt jerkin' your chain - Ill try to be clearer in my sarcasm next time - if only fer jimmy Smile

"I want surprises!"
A comic from Japan...

We love this mostly because when we handed it to Pete to sign, he said

"OH GOD! Where DID you dig this up? I tried to block it out!"


Anna, how could the owner of this cherub like face be capable of all the nasty things you claim, just look at that smile. After all this is the face that "inspired" a generation...


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